Little Guys Hockey

Little Guys Playing Hockey

I once had 2 Little Guys Playing Hockey ….

 Little Guys Hockey starting up

I remember when  I wanted to start my kids in hockey ….

They were really young …just 4 and 5 years old.  They  had already skated a bit with me, mostly General Sessions and a couple of lessons.

They were fascinated with the idea of playing hockey….it looked like fun, had special equipment and a stick, and had  awesome jerseys!

The only problem was that most of the kids in the clinics were BIG..some REALLY  BIG.  I really wanted them to have a great experience starting out, so that they would enjoy playing and keep skating.  I was afraid the bigger kids would always get the puck, and that my guys would be over run, less confident playing, and not have a lot of fun.  Maybe you have some little guys at home who want to play, but you feel the same way I did.    Little Guys Hockey is a program that should make you and your children feel comfortable….

Sunday Little Guys Hockey  5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Classes include FREE Loaner equipment and skates for all players. Coached by staff used to working with young skaters.

  • Sunday Jan. 8   $199.00  (7 weeks)Session I
  • Sunday Mar. 4   $199.00  (7 weeks)Session II

Little Guys Hockey Fun on ice

Plenty of pucks, plenty of kids, plenty of fun !