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Ice skating Lessons with a coach at Port Washington Skating Center

Skating Classes

Classes for ages 5-13

Preschool ice skating at Port Washington Skating Center

Little Ones Classes

Classes for ages 3-4

Semi - Private Group Lessons

Form your own class

Skating Lessons

Private 1-on-1 Lessons

Learn at your own pace

Ice Skating Lessons For All

Any time is a good time to start ice skating lessons! Watch our videos!

A Typical Ice Skating Lesson

A Skating Princess Story

If you are not sure if your child is ready for ice skating lessons you can schedule a single lesson before you commit to a series

Skating Classes

Up to 6 skaters per Group

Small Groups are a great way to learn the basics and make some new skating friends. Classes are organized by ability (Beginner-Advanced Beginner-Intermediate). We have a special class for children under 5 called “Little Ones” classes. 



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Little Ones Classes

(For Preschoolers) Up to 4 Skaters per Group

Little Ones Skating classes are ice skating lessons specifically for children ages 3-4. They offer a gentle introduction to skating, using toys and props as teaching aids.  This 6-class session gets the children on their skates and moving!

Watch Little Ones On Ice!



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Not sure if your Little One is ready for 6 weeks of skating?

Start with a one-time private lesson!

Semi Private Group Lessons

Semi Private Groups for 2-6 Skaters

Semi-Private Groups are for friends or family members that want to form their own class.  Your group size can be anywhere from 2 to 6 skaters.  It’s best if the all members of the group have similar experience but friendship trumps ability..   Please note that the Skating School does not pair students for Semi-private lessons–you must identify  your partner to register.  Students forming a Semi-Private Group should register together whenever possible.



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Steps to self-book a series of of Semi Private Group ice skating lessons:

  1. Click the link above to view appointment availability
  2. Choose a corresponding lesson package
  3. Repeat for each additional member of the group
  4. Await confirmation to know that your appointment requests have been accepted

Hint: To repeat the same day/time every week, adjust the setting beneath the booking calendar

If you need help scheduling, simply purchase your package and then email office@pwskating.com with your preferred day.   

Private 1-on-1 Lessons

1 Skater with an Instructor

Private lessons are a great way  to accelerate skating progress. One-on-one instruction means closer supervision and an opportunity to focus on a student’s individual needs and pace of learning.



You Should Know

Steps to self-book a series of of Private 1-on-1 ice skating lessons:

  1. Click the link above to view appointment availability 
  2. Choose a corresponding lesson package
  3. Await confirmation to know that your appointment requests have been accepted

Hint: To repeat the same day/time every week, adjust the setting beneath the booking calendar

If you need help scheduling, simply purchase your package and then email office@pwskating.com with your preferred day.   

Ice Skating Lessons FAQ

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Skating School

Ice Skating provides a wide range of benefits for all participants including physical attributes such as developing muscle strength, raising the level of conditioning and improving coordination and balance along with improving social skills and self-confidence. Being physically active at a young age usually translates into a healthy and active life going forward. For adults, ice skating is a great calorie burn while you enjoy an activity with your children.

Ice skating lessons include 30 minutes of instruction with our certified instructors. Skaters may also use the ice for 30 minutes of warm-up or practice time…either before or after the lesson depending on the session hours that day. “Little Ones” skaters are limited to lesson time only until they can safely maneuver on their own. Each Group Class Session consists of 6 classes. Skaters who join late will have fees pro-rated.

Most children have a successful introduction to skating when they are between 3 1/2 to 4 years old. We have also had many skaters on the ice at younger ages – some following siblings who skate, and some – for whatever magical reasons – just take to the ice. Our “Little Ones” classes offer a gentle introduction to ice skating for the pre-school age group. Other skaters start at a later age – even teen years. Not sure about skating? Take a trial lesson before signing up.

No doubt children love to play and skate with their friends. Form your own private group of skaters and request to skate at times convenient for you. We plan to have skating open during the day – pending developments with school scheduling and any Covid issues. Weekdays are an excellent time for pre-school or home school children to skate. Skaters with schools that have an earlier than usual dismissal may also make special arrangements. Call us or email us at Office @pwskating.com to make your request.

  • Beginner – For Beginners. Learn balance, forward skating, and stopping
  • Advanced Beginner – Learn backward skating, one foot glides, and turning
  • Intermediate – Improve forward stroking, slalom, circles, and use of edges
  • Advanced – Backward outside and inside edges, backward crossovers, pivots and spins

Each Skating School group has 1 instructor. If the group size expands beyond our designated limit, we will add a second instructor or divide the group between 2 instructors.

You can form a 2-person group (“semi-private”) or a group with 3-5 skaters (“private group”). Simply reference one or more of the other students’ names at the time of registration and we will make sure they are grouped together. No other skaters will be added. It’s best if skaters are close in age and ability.

Private, semi-private, & private group lessons are offered on a trial (one-time) basis as well as multi-lesson packages. Small group lessons are not offered as single classes.

Class size and appointment times are limited and we cannot guarantee availability to walk-in customers. It’s best to register at least 48 hours in advance for a lesson. Online registration and payment is required due to COVID restrictions. Call us for or email for assistance.

Students may use a practice area on the ice before or after their lesson as time permits. Please check start and end times of our sessions for each day and plan your practice time accordingly.

Adults paying an $8 admission fee can join their children for the practice time. Please note: other children who do not have a lesson appointment are not permitted on the ice during Skating School hours.

We recognize that it may be difficult to attend all of the dates in a given session. At the same time, we want our students to benefit from small, organized groups and thus we want to keep everyone skating on their designated day. If you foresee a conflict with one of your scheduled lesson dates, please contact our office and we will do our best to make accommodations.

Since so many of our families have more than one child enrolled in our programs, we work hard to keep our prices affordable for everyone.

We offer quality Riedell skates for rent. The daily rental fee is $5 and can be paid at the rink before each lesson. It’s usually best to choose a skate size smaller than the shoe size for a snug fit.

A cold temperature is maintained inside the rink at all times during the year. Winter weather garments are best—snow pants, ski pants, sweat pants or leggings; a sweatshirt, fleece, or winter jacket; winter gloves or mittens; and full length socks. We strongly recommend that children wear a helmet while skating. Bicycle & skateboard helmets are good, but ski or hockey helmets are even better.

We suggest arriving 15-20 minutes prior to your lesson start time. Our instructors are commonly scheduled with back-to-back appointments. Therefore, lessons must start and end at their designated times with little room for adjustment.

Due to scheduling restrictions, the Skating School cannot offer make up lessons for a missed group lesson. In lieu of a make-up, students will be granted admission to alternate skating sessions without instruction.

A student can re-schedule 1 private lessons per 4-lesson package. The instructor must be given at least 48 hours advance notice of the absence to qualify for a make-up.  Speak with your instructor to arrange a make-up lesson or contact the rink office for assistance.

To guide you in selecting a level, we have provided a short description of them on our Skating School webpage. Regardless, all children are evaluated by their instructor on their first day of class. If the group in which a student has been placed is not suitable, they can switch to one that is more appropriate.

We do suggest a single private or semi-private lesson for first-timers. In a beginner class, the child will be taught the very basics of balance and forward movement, but having that extra assistance the first time can be a big help.

There are usually a number of lessons taking place on the ice at the same time. If you have children of varying ages or abilities, for your convenience we will do our best to arrange their lessons to start near or at the same time.

Adults and children can pair up for a semi-private lesson or the whole family can take a private group lesson together.

Sure! Adults can take private lessons, or they can pair up with friends, family, and even their children to take a semi-private or private group lesson. Whether it’s your first time or you want to refresh what you learned when you were younger, why let the kids have all the fun?

Yes. They help organize competitive events at the local, regional, and national levels.  They are the USFSA  and ISI.

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