Ice Skating Rink Rental Long Island

Ice Rental Fun for Friends and Teams

Ice Rentals… Use Them For…

Ice rental gives you an opportunity to get together with your group of friends, family or members of your team. Ice rentals can be for single sessions, or multiple sessions over a period of time. Many of our “charter” customers rent on a 12 month basis.

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  • Workgroup Bonding

  • Fundraising

  • Hockey Team Practice

  • Camp/School Reunions

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • and much more!

workgroup bonding in our skybox


Ice Rental for Work Groups and Team Bonding

No team is as close together as a hockey team.  Not ready for hockey ?  Try a morning skate with your work group. Bond with your staff and help develop that chemistry. Just tell us what you need and we can work out a deal that you’ll like. Food and Instruction are  available, and skate rentals will be provided. Use the “Skybox” for meeting or presentation.

Ice Rental for Fundraising Events

Port Washington Skating Center has hosted fundraising events for schools, churches, temples and charitable organizations. We will gladly help make your fundraising effort a success.  We have also run our own events – including skating events for  for Veterans and Breast Cancer awareness. Most ice for Fundraising will be available in the spring, summer, and early fall.  SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES ARE AVAILABLE FOR NON PROFIT GROUPS.  (Hockey teams excluded)

Ice Rental for Hockey Teams

Our current customers include the Long Island Edge, Port Washington MS and HS, Manhasset HS, Garden City MS and HS, Sewanhaka MS and HS, Valley Stream MS and HS.

Late night slots for men’s teams are discounted for practices beginning later than 10:15 PM.  Early day slots for PD or FD teams are also available at a discount.

A limited number of slots are available during the Sept-March hockey season and a greater number of open slots are available in the Spring and Summer.  Use these times to sharpen skills, run pre-season tryouts, or to bond and have some fun playing.

Ice Rental for Camp/School Reunions

When you want to get together for an activity with you high school/college/or camp friends, go skating.  It’s a great way to include family members in an activity they can all enjoy.

Ice Rental for Holiday Celebrations

Celebrate any major, minor, or silly holiday.  Typically ice is available on days when schools are closed olr vacation weeks are scheduled.

Ice Rental Cost

Our prices vary by the season and time of day.  Our single session rate from Sept. 1 through May 1 is $375.00 per hour, with most ice slots either 1.25 hours or 1.5 hours long.  The Spring and summer ice rental rate is $350.00 per hour. Check below for off hour and special rates.

Late Night Ice Rental

ICE SLOTS starting after 10:30 PM are just $275.00 for 1 hr 30 min! We try to make these slots affordable as it often is difficult to assemble an entire team or group to skate.  Pick up groups can also use ice at these times to keep the cost per player reasonable.

Morning Ice Rental

ICE SLOTS ON MONDAY, TUESDAY, OR THURSDAY between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM are available for $150.00 per slot (1 hr 30 min). Take advantage of this quiet time to get some skating in. Have a team at the firehouse or precinct ?  We will give you $50.00 off that rate.

We rented the rink for a private hockey game and it was fantastic. The front office and staff were extremely helpful and everything went real well. We're definitely going back soon.

Walter Novak | Long Island, NY