Family Friendly Fun!

Ice Hockey

Family Friendly Fun!

Ice Hockey

From 3 years old to Adult – beginner to Travel, High School,r College or Adult  player…Hockey is fun across generations of players from all walks of life

Hockey Clinic


Learn the basic skills needed to be successful playing hockey. Skating, stickhandling, the basics of team play are taught in these clinics.


Experience the fun of playing games at a level appropriate for your age, skill level, and time you wish to commit to learning and playing

Hockey Lesson


Supplement what you learn in the clinics with private hockey lessons. Accelerate your progress or work on sharpening skills

Hockey Camp


Special events from Puck Shoots to Family Hockey to Hockey mini-camps and Summer camp programs are always fun and exciting

Ice Hockey is fast and fun.
It's a game you'll play for a lifetime!

Hockey at Port Washington is youth ice hockey for the fun of it. Our players love the sport because they are all given a chance to learn, play, and succeed – no matter what their level of skill may be. 

Players are able to play and compete in situations that promote improvement. The resulting is happy, enthusiastic, and motivated youngsters who to continue to get better.

Are you a beginner or new ice hockey player? Start your hockey career with our Let’s Play Hockey! clinic and begin creating memories.  You just need is a little skating experience and a big smile!

Move on to the Lace ’em up clinic to develop more skills so you can join in team play in the House League


Looking to have even more fun?  Improve your ice skills at a Puck Shoot or bring Mom or Dad in for a Family Hockey Skate.

Hoxckey clinic

Need Help Getting Started ?

We’re happy to give you our best advice on how to get started in hockey,  Need to know  what equipment is needed or what’s the proper clinic or program to sign up for ? Just call or email

Never put on equipment?

Check out this USA Hockey video…

A lifetime of Playing Fun

 Check out our video From “Bassinet to Beer League”…

Seven Great Reasons to Play Ice Hockey

Become a “doer” instead of just a “viewer” and reap these benefits…

❶ Hockey Builds Confidence

It fosters self esteem and promotes a positive self image

❷ Hockey Makes Your Stronger

It develops muscle strength, balance and conditioning

❸ Hockey Develops Social Skills

It builds communication and interaction with teammates having different backgrounds

❹ Hockey Improves Mental Skills

It enhances decision making skills, focus and concentration

❺ Hockey Builds Character

It cultivates trust, responsibility and teamwork

❻ Hockey Builds Friendships and Communities

It's a life-long passion that keeps teammates together for years and years

❼ Hockey Teaches Life Lessons

It reinforces the idea that practice makes perfec and difficult tasks can be learned. Most important it shows you that you can accomplish your goals with hard work and effort.

Ice Hockey Lessons

1 on 1 Lessons with Sticks and Pucks

Take a private hockey lesson to work on skating, shooting, or stickhandling.  Book directly with your coach, or have us set up a lesson for you.  Ice is available in the EARLY AM, afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday, and occasionally on open ice slots.



You Should Know

Ice Hockey Events

Special Events and Activities at the Rink and More

While we can’t always schedule evrything we would like to have on our calendar, we do add special and one of a kind events for players and families to enjoy.

Some may even be at other places like UBS or MSG…couold

Puck Shoots -Improve skills on your own

Improve your Passing, shooting and stick handling skills

Work on some things by yourself your pace

Play with a buddy ..or a goalie you know

Practice some of your moves

Work up a sweat

We look to schedule Puck Shoots when ice is available .. Typically on days with no school or during holiday breaks.

Sessions Cost $25. per skater.  Full equipment is required.

Upcoming Sessions: (Click date to register)

Monday Sept. 26 1:00 PM -2:15 PM

Friday Sept. 30 4:00 PM -5:15 PM

Wednesday Oct. 5 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM

Monday Oct. 10 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM

Next Puck Shoot
DayDateStartEnd Register
Monday9/26/20221:00 PM2:15 PM
Friday9/30/20224:00 PM5:15 PM
Wednesday10/05/20221:00 PM2:15 PM
Monday10/10/20221:00 PM2:15 PM

Family Hockey

Get the entire family on the ice in hockey gear !

We encourage Dads – Moms too – to go out and playa little “pond Hockey” with your sons and daughters.  Its a great way to bond with your kids and other skating families.  have a big crew ? look to rent ice for your own “Family Sessions”

Full equipment required for kids. Helmets, Gloves and Sticks are minimum requirements  for adults, although full equipment is recommended

We look to schedule Puck Shoots when ice is available .. Typically on days with no school or during holiday breaks. Cost is $25 per skater

Upcoming Sessions: 

Sunday Oct. 9  11:15 AM – 12:30 PM

Next Family Hockey

DayDateStartEnd Register
Sunday 10/09/202211:15 AM12:30 PM
Sunday11/27/202212:45 PM2:00 PM

Need Help Getting Into Hockey Shape?

Whether it be sharpen hockey skills, build strength or improve your speed and endurance, our friends at The Family Skating Annex across the street can help!

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