Ice Hockey Clinics

There’s always something you need to improve whether youu are 5 years old or 50 

Little Guys Hockey Clinic

If you have a young (3-6 year old) player who may be more comfortable skating with his or her peers, this is the clinic they will love

Hockey Clinic

Let's Play Hockey Clinic

Select this as the best option for the newer or younger player (6-12 years old) who is still developing some basic skating and hockey skills

Lace 'Em Up Hockey Clinic

Players with experience who are playing in a House League, Middle School program, us are planning to join one are in the right place here.

Adult Hockey Clinic

Wednesday Night means Hockey for Adults. Improve your play, or get back into playing after a layoff. Fill gaps in you Men's league schedule

Pick the best clinic for your age and skill level

Kids play sports to have fun and meet others who enjoy the same activity.  We want players to be in the right place to learn, and to be successful in what they do – whether beginners or advanced players.  Developing skills, confidence, and learning team play are all parts of the program – all while having fun.  Kids can have even more fun at any of our special events and camps

PLEASE NOTE:  Full Hockey equipment is required for all clinics

Little guys hockey
Ice Hockey clinics at Port Washington
Fun at Hockey camp

Little Guys Clinic

Hockey for 3-6 year old Players

Little Guys Hockey is a program that should make you and your children feel comfortable. I remember when I wanted to start my kids in hockey…They were really young… just 4 and 5 years old and had already skated a bit with me, mostly General Sessions and a couple of lessons.

In time they became fascinated with the idea of playing hockey… it looked like fun, had special equipment and a stick, and what’s more had awesome jerseys!

The only problem was that most of the kids in the clinics were BIG… some REALLY  BIG!  I really wanted them to have a great experience starting out so that they would enjoy playing and keep skating. I was afraid the bigger kids would always get the puck and that my guys would be overrun, less confident playing, and not have a lot of fun. If you have some little guys at home who want to play, but you feel the same way I did, come to the Little Guys Clinic. 



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Let's Play Hockey Clinic

Weekly Clinic for Beginner to Advanced Beginner Player

Let’s Play Hockey!  is where the hockey fun begins…Even our most skilled players started out here learning the basics. This clinic is intended for players with basic skating skills but limited hockey experience. If your child has ever skated, it’s best to enroll in classes at our Skating School before participating in the hockey clinic.

The Let’s Play Hockey! clinic will develop skating skills such as controlled turning, stopping, and backward skating, stopping, along with basic stick handling, passing, and shooting.  Have a great time with hockey friends while developing athletic skills, balance, and stamina.

FLEX-PACK is the way to get started…

Never waste $$ if you miss a class; just come on another day or time.

 Flex-packs are good for one year from purchase, and only the classes you attend are deducted from your balance. We will keep track of your attendance and alert you by email when your classes are about to be used up and renewal is due. Once you purchase your flex-pack, you can start showing up on the days when the class is held. Check-in is at the front desk when you attend the class.



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It’s the nature of hockey and people around it. Hockey is a sport that keeps kids active for the whole time they are involved. Kids have a chance to improve and succeed without any pressure or the feeling of failure.  Our coaches provide an atmosphere of fun and encouragement that is conducive to success.  Most of our players continue to play through High School and even college – whether varsity, club teams, or pick up games

  • Helmet with face mask (cage)
  • Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shin Pads
  • Stick
  • Shoulder pads and hockey pants .

Lace 'em Up Clinic

For the More experienced Player 8-13

Get ready to Play Games !

“Lace ’em up” is a hockey expression for getting ready to play a game.  That’s what this clinic is for.  It’s the right place for the slightly older or more experienced skater who is playing games or preparing to join a team  in a  House League or  Middle School League.   The clinic focuses on puck skills and introduces the player to the competitive aspects of the sport.  Improve your skills and contribute to your team’s success…nothing beats that feeling !

Pricing -


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Adult Clinic

It may not be UBS or the Garden -but it sure is a good time

Are you an adult ice hockey player trying to get back into game shape?  Perhaps a player developing enough skills to play for the first time?  Do you play in a league but are caught between games on the schedule with nothing to do this week?  Do you just need to get out of the house ?????

All good reasons to come out to the Wednesday night adult ice hockey clinic.   Not to mention that  just skating with some buddies is a good night out.
Get a great workout in a friendly, social atmosphere.



More Things to do

Need Help Getting Into Hockey Shape?

Whether it be sharpen hockey skills, build strength or improve your speed and endurance, our friends at The Family Skating Annex across the street can help!

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