Fall House League

Fall House League

Fall House League ….WOW !   You’ve done it !  Now you’re ready to play.

You’ve worked hard to get up on skates and get going.  Lessons, Clinics, General skating.  Now for the real deal…GAMES !

The Basics:

Fall House League starts Oct. 15 with player evaluations and runs until March 2018.

Young Evaluations: Oct. 15 at 9:45 Am  and Oct. 22 at 6:15 PM

Older Evaluations : Oct. 15 at 6:15 PM  and Oct. 22 at 9:45 AM

The season ends with our “Fish Fry” mini-tournament and skills contest.

There are a total of 13 games, along with admission to one weekly clinic from October 16 through March 10.  Players may elect to begin clinic participation in September for an additional charge.

Games will be played Sundays with games at 7 AM, 8:20 AM, 9:45 AM and 6:15 PM.  Game times rotate to share the burden of an early wake-up.

Clinics are held Monday at at 5:45 PM, Thursday at 4:00 or 5:00 PM and Saturday at 10:30 or 11:30 AM. Players can switch their clinic day whenever necessary to avoid conflicts.

Players age 6-12 are eligible to play in the league.

The entire package of events costs $949.00

The Process:

We begin the season with evaluations on Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.  Evaluations are designed to help us balance the teams so that all players have an opportunity to be successful and have fun. They also give players an idea of who they may play with or against and allow them to choose the place where they will be most comfortable.

Our Young division is for players 5-8 years old.  Evaluations are Oct. 15 at 9:45 Am  and Oct. 22 at 6:15 PM

Our Older division is for players 9 and older.  Evaluations are Oct. 15 at 6:15 PM  and Oct. 22 at 9:45 AM

These are general guidelines.  Adjustments can be made taking into consideration other factors as well…size, skill, siblings skating, carpool needs etc. Tell us if you need special consideration for any reason and we will make a sensible decision.  Players may indicate a specific preference to skate with a friend, or to be placed on a particular team.  Our coaches include rink staff and parents who have hockey experience and the “right” approach to the game.

Teams are set with an equal number of players on each squad – usually  with 12- 15 players and a goalie on each team.

Any questions ?    Just Contact us for a quick reply.


The Teams


  • Flounders
  • Groupers
  • Snappers
  • Eels



  • Tuna
  • Barracuda
  • Swordfish
  • Squid

House League Rules and Guidelines

Playing rules for the league have been modified to allow for more play and fewer stoppages so that the players can skate more and play the puck more frequently. This is a non-check league – however since some players may not have the skating skills needed to stop and turn quickly, some incidental contact, and even some collisions are inevitable. The coaches and referees will monitor behavior to keep contact to a minimum. Intentional contact (i.e. checking) will be penalized.

Younger division:

1. All games will be played running time during shifts, with time paused during shift changes. Time will also pause for penalties and injuries. There will be a 5-minute warm up followed by three 16-minute periods.

2. Shifts will be 2 minutes each, with the buzzer sounding to signal change.

3. At the buzzer, puck will be brought to center ice for a face-off. Beginning in December, puck can be left where it is and played “live”.

4. Penalties will be served by offending player until buzzer sounds ending his shift. Penalized team plays the remainder of shift short-handed. The next shift starts even strength.

5. Lines should be matched with more skilled players on one team competing against the more skilled players on the other team.

6. In the interests of keeping the game moving, no off-sides or icing will be enforced in early part of the season. Coaches and referees can instruct players not to “hang” in the offensive zone with more enforcement later in the season.

Older division:

1. All games will be with regular clock rules (i.e. clock stops on whistle only). Lines will change “on the fly”.

2. There will be a 5 minute warm up followed by three 15-minute periods. Clock may be run at the end of the game if necessary to complete game within the allotted ice slot. Players must be on time and ready to play – especially for the early games. There will be no overtime for tied games.

3. Penalties will be 1 min 30 sec. and will carry over to next shift.

4. Lines should be matched with more skilled players on one team competing against the more skilled players on the other team.

5. Off-sides and icing will be enforced.