Awesome Holiday Ice Skating

Holiday Skating

A Full Week of Fun for the Holidays

Snow Man

Awesome Holiday Ice Skating Hockey Beginner Family Skating and Hockey Events are on the schedule!

Hockey Clinic

For Hockey Players

Hockey Minicamp, Puck Shoots, Family Hockey and Jules Jardine and World Class Hockey from Toronto Canada for 4 days of camp
(for travel level and advanced)

For Ice Skaters

Six days of Skating Minicamp are scheduled along with the opportuinity to book lessons during out Reserved Skating sessions .

Reserved Skating Session over the Holiday

For Everyone

Bring your family and guests to the rink for some skating during Reserved Skating Sessions, or better yet ...Book a private ice session to use with just your group

Hanging Decoration

For Everyone

There's something for you ...every day of the vacation !

Reserved Skating Sessions

Added sessions over the Holiday Vacation give skaters and family members a chance – or two – to skate every day, including sessions on Christmas Day and New Years Day.  Please reserve in advance as we are likely to be busy  at this time.

Rent Private Ice

Book your Private Ice session for family , friends, or group.  

Play some hockey ( equipment is mandatory) or just come out to skate around. Bring in refreshments and have a great time.

If you are not sure if your child is ready for ice skating lessons you can schedule a single lesson before you commit to a series

Christmas Santa Cap

For Hockey Players

Minicamps, Puck Shoots, World Class Hockey and more...

Holiday Hockey Minicamp

Puck Shoots

Family Hockey

World Class Hockey at Port Washington Skating Center

World Class Hockey
- Advanced and Travel Players only -

Christmas Tree

For Ice Skaters

Skate for fun, practice what you've learned or take a lesson

Skating Minicamp

Reserved Skating Sessions

Book a private (or semi-Private ) lesson

Steps to self-book a series of of Private 1-on-1 ice skating lessons:

  1. Click the link above to view appointment availability 
  2. Choose a corresponding lesson package
  3. Await confirmation to know that your appointment requests have been accepted

Hint: To repeat the same day/time every week, adjust the setting beneath the booking calendar

If you need help scheduling, simply purchase your package and then email with your preferred day.   

Santa Claus

One more thing...

Who doesn’t like a Holiday Gift ?

Click above to purchase a certificate or email

You can get a gift certificate that is good for any hockey or skating program at the rink. from Reserved skating to lessons to class registration.

Not sure what to get ?  Specify a dollar value and let your skater choose  how to use your gift.

Get a certificate for $25, $50 or $100 (or any amount you’d like). 

The certificate can be redeemed for any rink program or service at any time..

Reserved Skating Admission Pass

Skating Passes for your skater.
Single Admission – $18.
Admission 6 pack – $100.
Good any session (advance registration is required).

More Gift Suggestions

Hockey Hat Trick Package

$145 worth of skating for $125

The package contains:

  • One admission to any Hockey Clinic
  • One admission to any Puck Shoot
  • One day of Hockey Mini Camp
  • One admission to any Hockey Clinic
  • One admission to any Puck Shoot
  • One day of Hockey Mini Camp

Skating Princess Package

$145 worth of skating for $125

The package contains:

  • One Private skating lesson
  • One day of Skating Mini Camp

Lessons or Clinics

Single Private Lesson – $60
4 Lesson package – $225
4 Hockey clinics – $125
6-week Hockey FLEX-PASS –  $175

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