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Family and fun is the theme at Port Washington – for those  who skate here and for all who work here as well.  That’s us in the picture. Fred and Kristian. Father and Son. We’ve worked together for over 20 years.

Our staff at the rink also includes numerous family pairs — fathers and sons, mothers and daughters — working or coaching. Most have been here for many years as well. It’s been that way since we started back in 1994.

Our most important families are yours… the families that use our services. Many skaters and players have grown up with us from pre-school to college… and as we age, we are seeing the next generation of skaters and players brought in by those who skated here as kids.

Running the business and watching families grow is our lives. It’s a little odd for me since I was never a skater. Kris was the player, starting very young – usually with his older brother.  We’d all skate together on the weekends even if it was just for two trips around the rink and a hot chocolate. Good times!

Our goal  at Port Washington is to create memories, friendships and lasting bonds between players, coaches, teammates and friends. We also hope to give our skaters the spark and encouragement needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have seen many become very good athletes — and more importantly — very good citizens. Our Travel teams – Long Island Edge  have  played at MSG, Nassau Coliseum and Barclays to the delight of all. We have sent teams to State and even  National Tournaments. Not too bad for a small, friendly,  neighborly sort of place.

We encourage you to create your own memories. Come in — join the fun and excitement of skating and hockey. Stick around and be sure leave with the  memories of good times shared – as so many others have done before.

See you at the rink!

Fred and Kris 

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Step inside the Port Washington Skating Center and take a peek at some of our favorite patrons enjoying the ice skating experience.

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Here’s how to get the bet ice skating experience for your family at the Port Washington Skating Center.

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